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International Medical Conference Proceedings Services
International Medical Conference Proceedings Services

Professor Dr D.E.C.C.O.H Kingsley-Godwin

Professor Dr Daniella Kingsley-Godwin,  BSc(First Class Hons.), MSc, MMedSci, DMED, MMED, MD, PhD, DMedSci, FRSPH, FHEA, ILTM



Professor Daniella Kingsley-Godwin is a highly qualified professional with strong background in medicine.   She has interests in general medicine, surgery, gastroenterology, global health, epidemiology, public health, haematology, blood transfusion and serology, histopathology, evidence-based medicine, medical research and general practice and primary care.  She also has extensive qualifications in software engineering, medical informatics and medical education. 



Professor Kingsley-Godwin is a brilliant doctor, great scientist, experienced medical educator and highly competent medical researcher with many established projects internationally.  She is an accomplished Editor in Chief of many journals and publications, and author of many publications. 


Professor Kingsley-Godwin advises various teams, institutions and organisations on many subjects and areas on interests, including medicine, surgery, medical and healthcare informatics matters, medical education, evidence-based medicine, public health medicine, epidemiology, medical innovations, and advances in medicine and medical practice, quality in patient care including publications issues and applications of new technology in patient care, education and research.  She has developed many health information systems for promoting evidence-based medicine and practice, and education in various medical specialities.  She had also developed multi-databases, and distributed database systems to be used in the improvement of patient care, education and services in many healthcare settings internationally. 


Professor Kingsley-Godwin has also developed efficient systems for problem-based learning in medicine, clinical and surgical skills trainings, and community-based medical education in various organisations and institutions.  Her activities in clinical and surgical skills training centres are impressive with the elements of the application of new technology in medical education and patient care.


Professor Kingsley-Godwin has the knowledge of 18 languages, and fluent in many World languages with excellent communication skills.  She also undertakes numerous charitable and humanitarian projects and work internationally.


For more information about the work of Professor Dr Daniella Kingsley-Godwin, please contact her office at editorinchief@iahcp.org.uk  or publications@iahcp.org.uk or medicals@iahcp.org.uk




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